How Do You Get the Most Out of Your Equipment and Increase Your OEE?

Schneider-Electric, January 11, 2018 – In the world of F&B, investment budgets are tight and ROI is carefully assessed, especially for CAPEX heavy projects. At the same time, companies must meet expanding demand in areas such as APAC to capture market share. Everyone is asking – how do you get the most out of your existing equipment while keeping investment costs low? How do you improve throughput and yield without additional investments that will eat into already thin margins?

Lean management principles and digital transformation of the continuous improvement process provide a solution. Digital tools that measure, visualize and analyze the factors driving operational performance enable gain greater visibility into companies’ processes. This allows businesses to empower individuals and teams to identify inefficiencies and streamline processes to minimize time, effort, and waste. This is more than just theoretical – New Belgium Brewing decreased downtime by more than 50% using a digital performance management solution which provided increased visibility into downtime causes and insight into how to optimize their operations.

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