Wonderware California on the Road – Customer Visits!

The Scotts Valley Water District bought Wonderware awhile ago and started using it earlier this year. Below are some pictures of Wonderware on their operators’ iPads – which help them out greatly!

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Several of the operators also attended one of our complimentary Plant Reporting Made Simple workshop last year. They learned a lot during the workshop and are now in the beginning stages of using Dream Reports. They use Dream Reports to push information in the mornings for their daily demand reports and by using it, they can easily review the daily recycle numbers.

Later they hope to do the same thing with their treatment systems but first, they want to have data validation. They’ll try it out for a month, then they plan to visit the field once a month and later – it’ll just be Dream Reports doing all the work for them!

The hope is to move forward to streamline their daily collection and the Operations Manager is now confident of the operators doing all this because of Wonderware! 

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