Give the Gift of Training!

When I think of the perfect holiday gift, I always ask myself these three questions before making my decision.

  1. Is this something they can use?
  2. Will this make their lives better/easier?
  3. Can this be used for years to come?

Luckily, the Wonderware California 2019 training calendar is ready! (Just in time to make your 2019 easier and more enjoyable!)

Not every gift idea ends up on the nice list. Some are for the laughs, temporary joy or are broken by the end of the week. However, a training from Wonderware California will give you an in-depth lesson on the Wonderware products you use every day! This knowledge will last long after the decorations are put away for the season.  

Attendees are provided with breakfast and lunch – so be prepared to eat, get trained and be merry!

To sign up for a training, click here.

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