The Rundown: Roadshow Edition

Join us for the 2019 Spring SoCal User Conferences!

Where will we be?

Bakersfield | Anaheim | San Diego

Why is this year so different?

This year, Wonderware California has decided to reinvent the way we roadshow. In the past, roadshow attendees would all attend the same conference. That meant that some attendees would have to listen to speakers not related to their industry

This year – that is a thing of the past! Our new re-imagined roadshow is designed to tailor to your industries specific needs. We have divided our roadshow into two separate conferences! Now, attendees are able to attend either the Manufacturing User Conference, or the Water/Wastewater and Smart City User Conference.

Register for the Water/Wastewater Industry User Conference, here.
Register for the Manufacturing User Conference, here.

That means:

  • No more sitting through topics that don’t pertain to your industry.
  • More industry specific solutions.
  • Presentation topics tailored to YOUR needs.
  • And so much more!

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