Did you Miss the Learn in 30: Dream Report Webinar?

Don’t worry, you can still “Learn in 30!” A recorded version of the webinar is now available. 

In this 30-minute video, Richard Kaye, Vice President at Ocean Data Systems, will show you how to:

  • Quickly create and design your own report – without any programming or SQL skills.
  • Generate, name, email and save reports automatically – based on calendar or events.
  • Publish your report in PDF, Excel or browser friendly format.
  • Retrieve reports from the built-in web portal.
  • Are you drowning in an ocean of historical data, and need an easy way to access it and turn it into meaningful, actionable information?
  • Want to design and automate your own reporting instead of calling IT?
  • Do you need to drive productivity, accountability and compliance? Make your data work for you!
  • How about access to your report anytime/anywhere?

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