Webinar Tomorrow! AutoSave for PLCs

Learn in 30: AutoSave for PLCs

LIVE DEMO: This webinar includes a live demonstration of an automation change management system.

Learn how to safeguard your plant against downtime and errors due to unmanaged automation program changes.

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In this webinar, MDT Software will:

  • Examine the sources and types of changes that take place in plant automation environments and the effects of those changes on operations.
  • Discuss how managing changes can help protect against common plant risks: human error, equipment failure, sabotage and more.
  • See features that enable rapid recovery from failures and compare programs to protect users and assets.
  • View program comparison features that enables you to detect and identify changes that may have been unknown or unauthorized, thereby protecting your process, people and equipment.
  • See how AutoSave captures and stores all automation program changes as they are made so that the correct program can be accessed quickly and correctly for rapid recovery from failures.

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When? | May 20 at 11:30AM PT

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