Upcoming Webinar: Automated Body Temperature Detection System

Webinar: Automated Body Temperature Detection System

Help keep your workplace safer with IVC’s new automated Therm_ID body temperature scanning system. Therm_ID lets you quickly screen workers, staff, and customers for elevated body temperatures. It can be a valuable component of a comprehensive virus prevention strategy.

Join the live webinar on Thursday, August 13!

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In this webinar, IV&C will demonstrate how this temperature scanning system can be your first line of defense for your workforce.

Automatic Detection – When a person enters the detection zone, their temperature is calculated and displayed on live overlays.

Temperatures are recorded – A thumbnail image of each individual and their temperature measurement appears in a scrolling bar in the display window. The thumbnails are recorded and available for review.

Green indicates normal temperature – Individuals with temperatures in a normal range are highlighted with a green border on the HD (1920×1080) snapshots along with their detected temperature. This is displayed on both real-time and recorded images.

Red indicates abnormal temperature – When an abnormal temperature is detected, the high-resolution HD picture of the individual appears within a red flashing frame and an alarm is actuated.

Get alerted – When an abnormal temperature is detected, an alarm is then communicated via configurable alarm actions including audio, visual alarm, email, and text notifications.

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