Now Announcing – AVEVA Engineering LIVE!

AVEVA Engineering LIVE!

Now announcing – join us on September 10 for AVEVA Engineering LIVE! to hear how the AVEVA Engineering portfolio can provide long lasting value to your operations.

When? | Thursday, September 10 from 8:15AM – 12:30PM

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Sneak Peek of the Presentations

Laser Scanning – Every physical asset should have a digital equivalent. Capturing the as-built condition of an asset using laser scanning is a cornerstone of this process.

P&ID and Engineering – Ensuring design integrity from the outset. Quick to set up. Easy to use. Highly productive.

Electrical and Instrumentation – Discover the business benefits of AVEVA’s Instrumentation and Control engineering solution for the entire asset life cycle.

E3D – The most advanced and powerful 3D design solution, enabling clash-free multi-discipline design to maximize engineering and design efficiency.

Contract Risk Management – A capital project contract risk management solution that automates compliance with contractual obligation and connects all decision-makers to protect major CAPEX investment, drive performance and improve profitability across the asset lifecycle.

Enterprise Resource Management – Enables efficient project management of a complex asset within capital-intensive engineering industries, with integrated resource awareness at every stage of procurement and construction.

Control of Work – Plan and perform safe, compliant work on complex engineering assets. AVEVA Control of Work enables asset operators to mitigate operational risk with increased productivity, and exceptional visibility of tasks.

Integration with All – The ultimate engineering project.

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