AVEVA Data Hub

AVEVA Data Hub

Our cloud-based platform, AVEVA Data Hub, is helping a wide range of businesses accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

Unlock new opportunities with AVEVA Data Hub

Advanced data analysis – Look deeper and get answers faster. Deliver pre-formatted data and related context directly to popular platforms like Microsoft Power BI. Feed predictive analytics applications to adopt condition-based maintenance.

Remote monitoring – Reduce the cost and effort of monitoring assets outside your control network. Collect a wide variety of IIoT and sensor data to enable local or remote performance monitoring.

Digital services partners – Leverage real-time operations data as the foundation for valuable new services. Suppliers and service providers can now easily access their clients’ real-time operations data to deliver customized connected services. 

Connected community – Make it safer, easier, and less expensive to share critical operations data. Help remote workers collaborate using any device, from any location.

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